4 Best Football Academies In Spain That Can Offer You A Scholarship In 2024

In Spain, football is one of the most popular and followed sports. There is a wide variety of football competitions in the country, where teams compete.

The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, commonly known as the Primera División, or LaLiga, and officially LALIGA EA SPORTS since 2023 for sponsorship reasons, is the top men’s professional football division of the Spanish football league system.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation is in charge of governing football in Spain and has been responsible for fielding the Spain national football team in men’s international football competitions since 1920.

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Certain free football academies provide opportunities to their deserving candidates by offering scholarship.

How to Obtain a football Scholarship:

To be able to enroll in a prestigious Spanish soccer academy without paying, it is crucial to receive a complete scholarship. Here are some recommendations to increase your likelihood:

1) Participate in open academy tryouts – Prominent academies such as La Masia organize public tryouts. If you make a strong impression during a tryout, you might be granted a scholarship that covers all expenses.

2) Create compilation videos highlighting your abilities and send them to academy recruiting departments in order to increase your chances of being noticed.

3) Take advantage of any connections you may have with academy coaches or scouts to help you establish a connection.

4) Consider applying for academy partnerships with Spanish clubs, as some of them collaborate with local youth clubs. Applying to these partner clubs could help you gain the attention you seek.

Top football academies you can join for free in Spain

1. WOSPAC Boarding soccer Academy:

WOSPAC Football Stages, the cutting-edge Barcelona Boarding Soccer Academy. With a highly skilled coaching staff, top-notch facilities, and a comprehensive training program, they  have created an innovative sporting and educational experience exclusively tailored for boys and girls aged 10 to 24 from all over the globe.

WOSPAC is recognized worldwide by educational and athletic experts as an innovative initiative in athletic, educational, and personal training. This program is highly recommended and offers a safe environment in some of the safest countries in the world.

WOSPAC football academy is domiciled in Spain
WOSPAC football academy

With over 15 years of experience and over 10,000 people trained, WOSPAC prides itself on being a leading institution in international athletic, educational, and personal training. It attracts returning clients and receives recommendations from those who have experienced its benefits. At WOSPAC, athletes can study, live, and play sports at an international level, guaranteeing a life-changing experience.

WOSPAC recognizes the obstacles and difficulties that aspiring athletes face while pursuing their chosen sport. However, it believes that the desire to achieve is what drives individuals forward, and WOSPAC serves as the starting point on this journey.

The International Residential provides the necessary tools and opportunities for athletes to develop their sports career the right way.

WOSPAC acknowledges that life is not just about sports. Academic training, personal wellbeing, and studies are also vital components. As an International Boarding Sport Academy, it offers high-performance sports programs while also providing a supportive and caring environment for athletes in the safest countries in the world.

One of the locations of WOSPAC is the Barcelona Boarding School, situated in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. This renowned Boarding School offers a unique blend of academic excellence and sporting opportunities, attracting students from all around the globe.

With a strong focus on sports, the school provides training programs to help students excel in their chosen fields. Alongside this, WOSPAC offers a well-rounded education, allowing students to pursue their interests in various schools and languages.

Additionally, WOSPAC promotes a multicultural and diverse learning environment, where students can engage with peers from different countries and cultures. This creates opportunities for global connections and lifelong friendships.
In summary, WOSPAC is an excellent International Boarding School that provides students with a comprehensive and exceptional education.

With its emphasis on sports, academic excellence, and supportive living arrangements, WOSPAC is the ideal place for students to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. Whether you are looking for a boarding School academy, boarding camp, or boarding club, WOSPAC has all the resources needed for success.

Spain Boarding Soccer Academy has established partnerships with federations and some of the most competitive soccer clubs in the world, affording our students the unique opportunity to train with and compete against Spain’s top youth teams, such as UECornellà Club.
Aims help you fulfill your dreams and indulge in the remarkable thrills of one of the world’s most captivating leagues.

Their tandem program offers the opportunity to fully embrace a new city and culture, all while pursuing your sports career. This unique program combines soccer with education to provide a well-rounded experience.

2. The Sevilla FC Centennial Foundation:

On January 25th, 1890, the club was established, appointing Edward Farquharson Johnston, a Scottish native, as their inaugural president. Under the leadership of José Luis Gallegos Arnosa, who hailed from Jerez, the club’s articles of association were officially entered into the Civil Government of Seville on October 14th, 1905.

It offers various sports activities that promote the values of tolerance, cooperation, motivation, and commitment. These activities not only teach children how to play football following the methodology of their experienced coaches. But also provide education on nutrition, training for athletes, and unique academic support.

Their school creates an environment where children can learn, have fun, and develop as valorous sevillistas both on and off the field.

Meanwhile, each student is required to have a team uniform and necessary sports equipment for training. This school is designed for children born between 2011 and 2019(13-5years).


To become a member of the SIA international academy, there are no specific requirements. All you need to do is visit their websites.
you will be reach out to  regarding details on player plans, duration of stay, scheduling.

Next is to make your way to Valencia or Alicante, and meet a dedicated Soccer Inter-Action staff who will be available to pick you up and transport you to the SIA Center. Your main focus will then be on training and competing, as our collective objective is to help you attain professional footballer status in Spain.

3. FC Barcelona’s La Masia (Spain):

La Masia, the renowned football academy of FC Barcelona in Spain, is offering an incredible opportunity to young football players who aspire to improve their skills, through the highly-anticipated scholarship trials. These trials, drawing football enthusiasts from around the globe, allow players to showcase their abilities, determination, and potential in the hopes of joining one of the world’s best football teams.

La Masia boasts cutting-edge facilities and world-class coaches, with the objective of discovering and nurturing exceptional players. It provides top-quality training and education, while immersing players in Barcelona’s vibrant football culture.

FC Barcelona’s La Masia

Participants engage in rigorous training sessions and competitive matches, in the hopes of capturing the attention of the academy’s scouts, who are constantly seeking individuals who embody the values and playing styles associated with FC Barcelona.

4. Real Madrid’s La Fabrica (Spain):

La Fabrica, the renowned academy of Real Madrid, will be hosting a rigorous series of football academy scholarship trials. Talented young athletes from around the globe will be put to the test by skilled coaches and scouts.

These trials will assess technical abilities, tactical understanding, and overall athleticism, offering an exceptional opportunity to come closer to ultimate goals of donning the iconic white jersey and representing one of the most prestigious football clubs worldwide.

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As La Fabrica extends an invitation to gifted individuals, the quest for the forthcoming generation of football luminaries commences.

Real Madrid’s La Fabrica

Real Madrid Castilla is the only team at La Fábrica that consists of fully professional players. The remaining teams are comprised of youth players, ranging from under-19-year-olds to under-8-year-olds. Each youth team participates in its respective league.

To have a chance of playing for Real’s first-team squad, young players must aim to progress through the various levels at La Fábrica. With over 270 youth players, La Fábrica accommodates all 12 youth teams.

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