Lagos Stadium Owe N600m Electricity Bill

State of Abuja National Stadium

The Lagos state national stadium owe a staggering N600m electricity bills NPFLUpdates understands.

This was revealed by the Minister of Youths and Sports, Mr. Sunday Dare during his recent visit to the stadium.

According Dare, both Lagos and Obafemi Awolowo stadia, owe N950m Electricity bills. And that was why both stadia are cut-out of electricity supply.

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Mr. Dare cried over the state of the two national stadia. He confirmed that the water system at the Obafemi Awolowo stadium has been restored. And that, a whooping sum of N150m was paid to get it back to work.

Lagos Stadium Is Empty Except For Woods:

“As at five years ago. The national stadium, Lagos, owed N600m in electricity bills, while the Obafemi Awolowo stadium owe about N350m.

“The water in Ibadan was restored after N150m was paid,” he told the Punch.

And according to sources, the national stadium Lagos, stopped receiving electricity bills since 2018. That’s because the distribution company in charge of the facility has found it difficult in collecting the owed money.

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But, the state of the Lagos stadium will be good in few months time. Because work is currently ongoing in the main bowl, tartan tracks and scoreboard. And this is a result of donation from Billionaire businessman Kessington Adebutu.

Work Ongoing Inside Stadium:

“The work has been ongoing, Huy we are working on a complete fix of the electrical problems. Because, the connection is the most important. It connects the sprinklers, the scoreboard.

The state of the Lagos stadium
Lagos National Stadium

“You can’t go to the floodlights yet, because, to fix them, you need about N10b. All the cables have been stolen, what you have there is carcass. I almost wept day I went to the stadium control room. Everything there is gone, except wood.”

The minister also explained how the present government is trying its best to get things in order. And according to him, the Abuja stadium was a complete mess after it was destroyed by fans last year. But I took the intervention of the government to put it in order.

“There’s no money to see off what I wanted to happen at the Lagos stadium. I can’t run faster than the money on the table.

State of Abuja Stadium
Abuja National Stadium

“Look at Abuja stadium, it was a corn field, I have the pictures, everything was completely destroyed. We’ve played more than 17 international matches there now, FIFA and CAF matches. We brought in the reserve bench and took care of all the FIFA conditions.”

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