Ronaldo In, Messi Out As Okocha Names Exclusive All Time XI(11)

Super Eagles legend and former Captain Austin Jay Jay Okocha, has revealed his all time first eleven reports.

Jay Jay Okocha revealed his list at the Veteran Clubs World Championship (VCWC) press conference, where he was a special guest.

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According to the list of players in the starting eleven, names of two of the world’s arguably best players in Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were found missing.

The former Bolton Wanderers midfielder, had gone for players that played in his time and some that have been playing before his emergence to the international scene.

Okocha releases his all time starting eleven

Okocha chose Germany legend, Oliver Khan as his first choice goalkeeper. Khan and Okocha came face-to-face when the latter was playing for Frankfurt in the Bundesliga some years ago. Khan was exceptional for both club and country during his active days.

The Right-Back position was occupied by a former Brazil Captain and AC Milan legend, Cafu. And the Left-back, also occupied by a Brazilian, and a former Real Madrid player Roberto Carlos. In the Center-Back position are Paolo Maldini and Franchino Baresi.

Jay Jay Okocha releases his all time starting eleven.
Jay Jay in action for Nigeria

The players occupying the midfield are Ballon d’Or winner Zinedine Zidane, Argetine legend Fernando Redondo and another Ballon d’Or winner and former Portugal Captain Luis Figo.

In the attacking department, Okocha listed three Ballon d’Or winners, in Brazilian legend, Ronaldo Nazario De Lima, Argentina’s Diego Armando Maradona, and Brazil’s Ronaldinho.

Fans who have seen the list have been reacting in different opinions. According to NPFLUpdates in-house analyst, Mr Best, his choice of players is his personal opinion.

“It’s a very good list going by the players there. But, that’s his own personal opinion, and should be respected,” Mr. Best said.

In a another development, the former Hull City midfielder, advised Super Eagles forward Victor Osimhen to be cautious of decisions surrounding his situation at Napoli. Especially in areas, concerning his transfer away from, or extension at the Diego Maradona Stadium.

Speaking  to Pulse Sports editor Joba Ogunwale, Okocha said regarding a TikTok video (now deleted) that trolled the Nigerian.

“Well, I mean, first of all, I will commend him [Osimhen] for the strength that he showed, you know, not letting anything affect him,”

“He continued with his business, you know, and he kept producing.”

About his future at or away from Diego Maradona Stadium, the former BBC African Footballer of The Year said, “(As for) the future, I mean, it is for him to decide, you know, but I don’t think that his decision should be based on a TikTok post, you know. ”

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“He should always weigh his options and know what is best for him [and] if it’s best for him to continue in Napoli or look for a new challenge,” he continued.

“But I don’t think that he should narrow his decision-making based on the TikTok post,” the Olympics gold medalist added.

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