Soldiers Who Assaulted Uche Nwofor Former Super Eagles Forward To Be Probed – PFAN

Soldiers who assaulted former Flying Eagles and Super Eagles forward, Uche Nwofor, maybe in for a probe following a call by the Professional Footballers Association Of Nigeria(PFAN); reports.

The Chairman of the Professional Footballers Association of Nigeria Task Force, Harrison Jalla, in a statement says the body will write a “strongly worded” letter to the Chief of Army Staff following the alleged dehumanisation of the former Super Eagles striker.

Uche Nwofor assaulted by men of Nigeria Military
Uche Nwofor

According to Uche Nwofor , the incident happened inside the 302 artillery in Onitsha. He was at the barracks having a nice time with some his friends, when he was accosted by the uniformed men, who sat him on the floor and started cutting off his dreadlocks.

PFAN To Action Over Alleged Dehumanisation Of Uche Nwofor

“What did I do? I am not a yahoo boy, not a tout inside barracks artillery 302. Onitsha. Sat me on the floor and started barbing my hair after giving information about me. No offence, sir, I am an ex-Super Eagles player. I have met you with the same friends as  Ozor, an ex-Enyimb FC player. No violence, just relaxing and drinking as I see army barracks as a safe place to be,” Nwofor stated on his IG profile.

Reacting, Jalla said he would ensure that the ungodly issue was investigated thoroughly;  and the perpetrators brought to book.

Uche Nwofor after his dreadlocks was cut off.

He said, “This is incredible and condemnable. As a retired football player who served the country in various capacities, Nwofor shouldn’t be treated so shabbily. He has the right to do whatever he likes with his looks. What gives the soldiers the impression that his dreadlocks are not natural?

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“We are taking this up because this kind of thing shouldn’t be allowed to happen. That was how the police killed Dele Udoh in cold blood. We would write a strong-worded letter to the Chief of Army Staff, demanding that a thorough investigation of the incident be carried out.”

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