Some NPFL Coaches Earn N3M Monthly – OAP

‍A top football analyst and On Air Personality(OAP), Edafe Mathew has cried over the poor media attention given to NPFL coaches and players plying their trade in the local leagues NPFLUpdates reports.

According to the successful businessman, it is hardly reported in the Nigerian media that players in the local league earn good salaries.

In the past, players and NPFL coaches often complain about poor welfare from club management.

And most times, their complain is about non-payment salaries, match bonuses and other incentives.

Few years ago, Sunshine Stars FC players protested at the gate of Ondo state government house over non-payment of salaries.

Many players have been reported ostracized from their teams for opening up against bad treatments from clubs.

So, this is one of the many reasons why grassroot players move to Europe. And some other parts of the world in search of greener pastures.

In the past, for lack of payment, players opted to play in foreign country’s third and fourth tier division. But all those sad stories seemed to be in the past now.

And if what Edafe said is something to go by, then the NPFL is now good. And of course right on track towards regaining it’s lost glory.

Some NPFL Coaches earn big millions:

“One thing that is not mentioned consistently when we talk about the NPFL is the fact that players earn as much as 1.8 million Naira monthly. And there are coaches earning up to 3 million Naira and more. In a Nigeria economy, that can be as weak, in my opinion though,” the Chief Executive Officer of Elegbete TV wrote on his Twitter handle.

In addition to what the media personality said, a CAF accredited multimedia journalist, Mike, opined that the NPFL isn’t a poor league.

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“I’ve have constantly opined that the NPFL isn’t poor. The players there making money and that’s putting the Nigerian factor in check,” @Mike_ThePundit wrote on his Twitter handle.

And according to recent findings, some NPFL coaches and players smile home with two million Naira salary.

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