Super Falcons : 19-Years After WAFCON Glory, Godwin Izilein Still Owed Bonuses

Former Super Falcons coach, Godwin Izilein, opens up on the inability of the Nigeria Football Federation NFF, to lay his outstanding bonuses 19-years after the 2004 WAFCON.

After winning the 2004 WAFCON in South Africa, coach Godwin was due for a $12,000 bonus.

But, sadly, he hasn’t been paid since 2004(19-years after) after the tournament. At the end of the tournament, despite Super Falcons winning the trophy, they failed to leave their hotel rooms.

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According to reports, the players refused to leave after they learnt NFF delegates to the tournament have all been paid. While, their own bonuses was being temporarily withheld by the federation at that time.

Speaking with Sunday PUNCH in July this year , Izilein said;

Ex Super Falcons coach Godwin Izilein opens up on 19-year-old owed allowances

Ex Super Falcons coach Godwin Izilein cries for being owed 19-year-old outstanding bonus
Godwin Izilein

“Since 2004 that they have owed me, I have not heard from the NFF.”

“It’s a pity that I may not get the money again. It’s over 19 years that the NFF are yet to pay me the $12,000 and the N2m promised me by former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

“I have not seen anything. I made up my mind not to talk about this outstanding money again because I see it as deliberate action against me, if the girls I took to the war front and survived are paid, I, the General, ought to have been paid as well before anyone.”

Speaking further, he revealed his offence that resulted to his bonuses being withheld is still not very clear to him.

“What is my offence, since they refused to pay me my money? I did not do anything wrong. The girls said they were not coming back to Nigeria because they were owed by the NFF. I was on my knees begging them, I did not care if they were my daughters.

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“I told them that a different meaning will be read into this action. It is easy to say the coaches are responsible and that was exactly what it turned out to be but it’s not fair to me and I feel very bad.”

Randy Waldrum calls out NFF for lack of support

Sadly, this is not the last time a Super Falcons coach salary and bonuses would be temporarily held after outings. Current coach of the team Randy Waldrum, called out the NFF for lack of support to him and his players.

Also, he accused the NFF of blackmail and corruption. Now is it the time for Nigeria Football Federation, to do the needful and pay all outstanding monies to deserved players and officials.

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