5 Best Ways To Apply For A Football Scholarship In The United States Of America

Sports Scholarship is one of the few ways talented sports enthusiasts achieve their dreams of becoming professional athletes

A Soccer or football scholarship is a type of financial aid given to students based on their academic and athletic abilities.

It can be awarded by American colleges and universities and covers a portion or the full cost of attending. The coaches at these institutions have the authority to grant these scholarships.

The United States is renowned for its exceptional ability to seamlessly unite high-caliber athletics with obtaining a degree, making it one of the most desirable destinations worldwide for such a combination.

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If you have aspirations of playing collegiate sports in the United States, United Sports USA can assist you in finding sports scholarships at universities and colleges.

Columbus Crew team train in Florida

Ways to get football scholarship in United States


To begin, conduct thorough research. Absorb as much information as possible regarding the university’s principles, curriculum, and overall campus atmosphere. This will enable you to determine whether it aligns well with your academic pursuits and long-term professional goals.


If you want to learn more about the process of obtaining a football scholarship, simply complete our form and one of our U.S Sports Scholarships consultants will contact you to address any inquiries you may have. When applying for scholarships, it is crucial to have an athletic resume as it gives coaches all the essential details about your sports accomplishments.

Your resume ought to comprise measurements like height, weight, and the times/scores you have achieved in your chosen sport, along with any accolades or recognition you have obtained.

Furthermore, it should incorporate your academic achievements, such as your GPA and standardized test scores.


In an athletic evaluation or assessment, a specialist in your field will observe your performance in the sport, potentially including specific drills. Additionally, they may review your CV, statistics, and academic records. Taking this information into account, the evaluator will determine if you meet the requirements for a sports scholarship.

America football Scholarship collaborates with athletes to assist them in finding the ideal university for football, taking into account their athletic, academic, and financial preferences.

Generally, the more ambitious you are in your athletic pursuits, the more assistance you will usually require to sustain yourself.

However, the availability of scholarships relies on your individual credentials and athletic background. The more information we have about you, the more accurately we can determine the scholarship opportunities that are suitable for you.


American universities offer athletes the support they need to balance their studies and training, resulting in greater success in sports. However, it is crucial to remember that universities prioritize academic value alongside their reputation in sports. Even if you are awarded an athletic scholarship for your impressive abilities, it is essential to prioritize your education. Failing to perform academically can nullify your athletic achievements, and if you prioritize training over learning, your scholarship may not be renewed.


When it comes to promoting yourself as an athlete, a recruiting video, also known as a highlights video, is a concise video that showcases your athletic skills. To create one, you will need to have someone record you playing and then select the best shots to include in a short video. It is recommended that the video be high definition and filmed from different angles.

Real Salt Lake player during a MLS game

Your highlights video is crucial for catching the attention of a coach. If you are serious about attaining a sports scholarship, it may be beneficial to hire a professional to film and edit your highlights video. Considering that a well-made highlights video can be the determining factor in receiving multiple scholarship offers, it is a worthwhile investment.

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In most cases, coaches also assist in promoting such individuals to higher-level professionals who can help them reach their full potential. It is important to showcase your potential not only through videos, but also through physical performance on the field.

Considerations for creating highlight videos before submitting to football agents include

1) Keeping them short, generally under 7 minutes, as coaches do not have time to review hours of footage.

2) It is important to avoid adding music to maintain a professional sports video feel. To make a strong impression, leading with the best shot is essential, as coaches often won’t watch beyond the first 30 seconds if they do not see potential.

Moreover, the highlight video should showcase a diverse range of skills rather than focusing on a single skill.

Additionally, it is recommended to use arrows and circles to indicate the player’s position on the screen, aiding coaches in following the player’s movements.

Final steps

In this ultimate phase, all necessary verifications are completed to determine if you meet the requirements.

Flying out

For many individuals, the decision to fly out for opportunities in the United States is not limited to those living within the country. While numerous people secure scholarships, they come from different parts of the world.

During this time, they go through the visa application process in order to pursue their dreams of attending school, university, or joining a professional football team that has offered them a football scholarship.

It is important to note that these steps apply to both males and females, as well as to children, teenagers, and young adults who hold a passion for football.

What do you need in order to be eligible for a scholarship?

Football Scholarship is one of the few ways selected grassroot footballers achieve their dreams.

Academic: To be eligible for admission, you will need to have finished senior high school or its equivalent in other countries.

Additionally, you must achieve a passing score on the SAT, an assessment extensively utilized in US college admissions. If English is not your first language, you will also need to demonstrate proficiency by passing the

TOEFL exam: It is necessary to obtain a Senior High School degree or its equivalent, which requires studying from the age of 16 to 18. Along with academic preparation, it is also important to start preparing for the SAT.

In the United States, SAT scores are often one of the first things universities will ask for. The required score varies depending on the university. Sports scholarships are provided on a yearly basis. This means that every season you will need to renew it until the end of your studies.

Sport: In terms of sports, there may not be standardized tests, but there are certain informal criteria that are considered essential. According to Sanchirico, your performance level is what will be taken into account.

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To reach the required level, daily training is crucial. Although American soccer players may not have as high of a standard as those from other countries, it’s important to remember that you are competing globally, not just against one nation. College soccer in the United States is different from amateur soccer and can even be considered professional.

In a related story, potential candidates for a football scholarship are also advised to checkout WOSPAC . An association domiciled in Barcelona, Spain; they also provide some lucrative offers for talented grassroot footballers.

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