FIFA : Apply For A FIFA Talent Coaching Job

Interested prospective football coaches are enjoined by FIFA to rush and register and start a new career in football management.

Football management training is an avenue where interested and motivated individuals are trained; on how best to harness the talents of footballers.

Many Africans especially retried football professionals are heeding football management career. Because, most of the times, they would want to stay and live the rest of their lives around footballing activities.

And now, the International Federation of Football Association, FIFA, is providing an avenue for interested individuals to get trained.

And this was revealed in a tweet by football expert Faisal.A.Chisbah (@FaisalChisbah). According to his tweet, FIFA is presenting an opportunity for individuals to join other league of coaches and get trained.

And also, individuals will get the opportunity of working with coaches in active service. And in various countries of the world, to help accelerate elite youth player development.

FIFA Present Coaching Opportunity For Interested Individuals

“Are you ready to embed yourself in a new country and culture?

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“Here’s an opportunity to join our team of Talented Coaches actively working coaches in various countries to accelerate elite youth player development.”

Reacting to the opportunity presented by the world football governing body, NPFLUpdates in-house analyst Mr Best said it’s a welcome idea.

And by his assertions, it will go a long way in improving prospective talented football managers.

“This is welcome development. And I applaud FIFA for this opportunity,” he said Wednesday morning.

“This will go a very long way in helping grassroot football managers. And I also appreciate the fact that it’s a long term project.”

Also, the seasoned football analyst, urged African coaches to with delay ‘tap in’ into the opportunity. Because he believed that with a good coach of African extraction, an African nation can win the World Cup.

To apply please click here: FIFA Jobs

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