Football Club In Nigeria : 6 Best Steps To Take Towards Joining A Professional Outfit This Year

To be able to get to join a professional football club in Nigeria as a grassroot player with no profile is somewhat a herculean task; and this may be because of the decline in scouting activities across the country.

Talented grassroot footballers can be found on many Nigerian streets, but harvesting and harnessing them to their full potential is always a problem.

So, in this article, we’d be discussing the best route a football talent can take so he can be able to secure a place in professional clubs.

How to join a Nigeria Football club as a grassroot footballer

A football club is a sports club that serves as a platform for organizing the activities of football teams. The club can operate independently or be a part of a larger sports organization, functioning as a subsidiary of the parent club or organization.

As a grassroot footballer it's good and of great interest to join a professional football club, and start your development.
Ivorian grassroot footballers playing a sandy beach.

In nearly all instances, football clubs originally emerged as social clubs, with the idea of playing football evolving from casual gatherings among friends or colleagues who, perhaps after a few drinks, decided it would be entertaining to challenge their business rivals or associates to a friendly match.

How to join a Nigeria Football club

To participate, individuals can either obtain the registration form online or by visiting one of the nearest training centers. They will then be evaluated in various aspects of football skills and knowledge.

To participate, individuals can either obtain the registration form online or by visiting one of the nearest training centers. They will then be evaluated in various aspects of football skills and knowledge.

Registration is required to obtain an international passport, police clearance report. These documents must be submitted at the NFF Glass House in Abuja.

In conclusion, these steps are necessary for completing the registration process.

What is the age limit

In addition, what is the required minimum age for joining a football academy? Typically, joining around age 13 is considered optimal. It is advisable to join before the ages of 16 and 18 when professional contracts can be awarded. However, each situation is unique.

Regardless of others’ opinions, it is always possible to become a successful player.

Different football club you can join in Nigeria

Barcelona Football Academy in Nigeria:

FC Barcelona’s La Masia

To join, you need to be between the ages of 16 and 18 and have a valid Nigerian identification certificate. Additionally, it is important to have no life-threatening health issues.

Pepsi Football club:

In Agege, Lagos, you can find the prestigious football academy known as PEPSI Football Academy. Renowned as Nigeria’s top choice, this academy has established a strong reputation for nurturing talents and has seen numerous players blossom into international stars.

The Pepsi Football Academy is widely regarded as Nigeria’s top football academy and is affiliated with the popular beverage brand, Pepsi. It offers promising and proficient young footballers a platform to nurture their careers in the football industry.

Rivers United of Port Harcourt:

Rivers United F.C is a football team from Nigeria that is based in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State. The club plays their local matches at Liberation Stadium in Port Harcourt.

Rivers United is one out of the two NPFL clubs in a CAF competition.
Rivers United players enroute to Nigeria after Etoile Filante match

The team has been in existence since 1988 when it was known as Eagle Cement and was managed by Stanley Eguma during the tenure of Melford Okilo as the state governor.

Their champion continued their streak in the 2010/2011 national professional football league competition as their skilled players put forth an impressive effort and emerged victorious.

Enyimba Int’l club:

Enyimba International Football Club of Aba is widely recognized as one of Africa’s most popular clubs and the most successful team in Nigeria.

They play a crucial role in making African continental competitions exciting for both fans and the media. Enyimba holds the distinction of being the only Nigerian club to have won the CAF Champions League, achieving this feat consecutively in 2003 and 2004.

Enyimba FC is the current NPFL champions, arguably the best football club in Nigeria at the moment.
Enyimba FC celebrating 2022/2023 NPFL title, will they celebrate on Sunday?

Additionally, Enyimba has participated in the tournament more times than any other Nigerian team, competing in 14 out of the last 21 editions. Remarkably, Enyimba’s consistency in the Caf Champions League has been impressive since 2002, as they have entered the competition 11 times and only missed out on two editions in 2009 and 2010.

Enyimba is the sole Nigerian team with sole ownership of a dedicated stadium, which is called the Enyimba International Stadium and has a capacity of 25,000. The stadium boasts an artificial turf that meets FIFA’s high standard rating.

As a result, the club is able to directly benefit from advertising and concession revenues. The majority of Enyimba’s funding comes from the Abia state government and generous supporters.

Under the leadership of Orji Uzor Kalu as governor, Enyimba received ample financial support. However, now that the state funding is shared with Abia Warriors, another NPFL club in Umuahia, it has potentially impacted the extent of luxury that Enyimba once enjoyed during Kalu’s tenure.

Ways one can employ to join a professional football club?

(1) Join a local team: To begin the process of joining a football academy, it is advisable to first join a local team. This is because academies usually search for talent in local leagues, meaning that by participating in a local team, there is a high likelihood of catching the attention of scouts.

In order to attract these scouts, it is important to make a positive impression. This can be achieved by showcasing your skills and abilities and making valuable contributions to your local team.

A grassroot footballer

To join a football club, simply search for teams in your vicinity and inquire about the possibility of a trial.

(2) Attend Open Trials: Football academies occasionally host open trials to assess different skills and pinpoint potential players, making it a great opportunity to gain entry into your desired academy.

To find such trials near you, you can research online or directly contact different academies. When attending an open trial, it is important to impress scouts and coaches and prove your worth.

(3) Apply directly: While it may be unlikely for many of the well-known club-affiliated academies, it is still worth considering reaching out to them directly.

Contact the academies via email or postal mail and make a case for why they should consider you. Be sure to include key details such as your age, skills, playing experience, and reasons for wanting to join.

It may even be beneficial to include video highlights of your standout performances.

Contact football coaches and agents: Whenever there’s a chance to create a new link in football, seize it. Whether it’s a trial or a community match, it’s essential to develop connections with coaches and agents. This involves making a memorable initial impact.

Stand Out as a Player: To distinguish yourself, it is important to find ways to gain an advantage over your peers. In addition to your regular training, consider exploring the latest advancements in football technology.

Be Your Best offers virtual reality football training that focuses on enhancing players’ vision, decision-making, and cognitive abilities.

By improving your game intelligence, you can impress coaches and scouts and become a more poised and collected player on the field.

In a related story, WOSPAC football school in Barcelona is another top football institution which helps in harnessing grassroot talents. They also offer football scholarship to outstanding players with applaudable performances.

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