Hakimi : Marry Your Mother Than Suffer Your Wife

Peter Okoye react on Hakimi divorce case

Multi-award winning Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye better known as Mr. P has weighed in on the controversies surrounding Achraf Hakimi and his wife Hiba Abouk.

Last weekend, reports circulated that millionaire footballer Achraf Hakimi has divorced his celebrity wife.

Reports has it that, Hakimi’s wife, Hiba approached a court asking for dissolution of his marriage with her spouse. And the reason for seeking divorce is infidelity on the part of the Paris St-Germain right-back.

And Hiba had sought to have half-posession of the footballer’s wealth. But, shockingly, the court told her that the 24-year-old has no property in his name.

And according to the court, properties supposedly belonging to the former Real Madrid player was in his mother’s name.

Netizens has been applauding the action of the footballer, claiming that most ladies who marry footballers are just after luxury.

Reacting on the incident, Mr. P in a series of tweet on his verified Twitter handle said it’s sad. And bad for the footballer to have entrusted his properties in the hand of his mum.

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Don’t Forget: My Son Is Coming To Take Over – Peter

According to the ‘Omoge Mi’ crooner, if a person don’t trust his wife, he shouldn’t bother marrying her. And in his opinion, women shouldn’t suffer after divorce, they deserve a share of their husband’s fortunes.

Peter Okoye react on Hakimi divorce case
Peter Okoye

Hakimi Exhibited A Bad Behaviour Against His Wife

“I don’t understand why most men are rejoicing over this Hakimi story? Like I don’t get it. The truth is bitter but needs to be told. If you don’t trust her them don’t Marty as simple as that. Or are you expecting your wife to suffer after divorce?”

And in another tweet, the singer reminded supporters of Hakimi that our mothers were once somebody’s wife. So, he queried what actions would’ve been if they are treated same way.

“The mother you are clamouring about was/is also somebody’s wife at some point, before she became his mother. What if she was treated the same way?”

Meanwhile, a picture that surfaced online, showed when Hiba was on a date with a random guy hours after divorce.

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