Iwobi : Why I Love Nigeria, Choose It Over England National Team

Super Eagles playmaker Alexander Iwobi, opens up on his true love for Nigeria, the attitudes of Nigeria and the reason he choose the former AFCON champions over England; npflupdates.com reports.

Iwobi who currently plays for Nigeria during international football games, was also eligible to play for England through naturalisation. He however, opted for the first, due to their way of life, style of football and welcoming nature.

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Iwobi stated this in a recent interview with a media personality Kiss Fresh, London, United Kingdom.

What Iwobi said about being a Nigerian and also playing for Nigeria

Super Eagles supporters drag Iwobi over 'poor' AFCON performances.
Iwobi and Nwabali in tactical discussion during Angola game at the 2023 AFCON.

The host asked the former Arsenal midfielder, “What do you love about Nigerians and being Nigerian?”

Iwobi replied, “You can smell a Nigerian from a mile away. Our mannerisms are so Nigerian, especially Yoruba people. Yoruba people are so loud.

“My favourite thing about the country is that everyone is so welcoming, rich in hospitality and it’s like one big family. Everyone who is doing well tries to give back to their communities. Every footballer that I am with always try to give back to where they come from. That’s an amazing thing,” the former Everton FC player was quoted by Dailypost Nigeria.

“The first thing I do whenever I land in Nigeria and I’m in my hotel room, I order pounded yam and egusi.”

Speaking further he explained that football in Nigeria is like a festival, highlighting that the entertaining atmosphere in Nigerian stadia gives him a sense of belonging.

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Alex Iwobi clamours for a form like that at the 2023 AFCON outing
Alexander in the colours of Fulham

“I actually felt more at home in Nigeria. Football out there is like a festival, it’s like a party. You go into the game, you see people blowing trumpets, and drums, it doesn’t even feel like a proper match. I was like, ‘Yeah, this is where I belong.’

He added, “Of course, I have respect for England but I have no regret in choosing Nigeria.”

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