Ladan Bosso Has Made Nigeria Happy Than Previous Government – Analyst

I positioned Salisu Yusuf for Super Eagles opportunity

NPFLUpdates in-house analyst Mr Best is of the opinion that coach Ladan Bosso of the Flying Eagles has made Nigerians happy than the last government did.

On Wednesday, at the Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario Nigeria beat Argentina to qualify for the FIFA U-20 quarter-final.

Two second half goals from wingers, Ibrahim Muhammad and Haliru Sarki ensured Nigeria cruise to the next round. And according to our findings, the national team drew motivation from people’s criticism.

Because many fans did not give the team a chance to secure a win against Argentina judging by both teams antecedents. And Judging antecedents, Argentina has beaten Nigeria more than in age-based tournaments.

And on Wednesday evening, wild jubilation erupted in Nigeria following the final whistle. Fans celebrated with so much joy and excitement. And even into the dead of the night, people can still be seen in their numbers celebrating.

Reacting to the outcome of the game, Mr Best, stated that Ladan Bosso and his boys are heroes.

Bosso upbeat Flying Eagles will be ready for FIFA U-20 match
Bosso issuing directives to Flying Eagles players

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“What I saw yesterday is just unthinkable. People celebrating Flying Eagles even into the still of the night,” he said in his analysis.

“I mean, this is the what we(national teams) should be. And not one chicken with no guts. We’re Eagles; and yesterday, the boys exhibited a characteristic of an eagle.

“Not many gave the boys a chance against Argentina. But it’s now clear to the world that Nigeria is no pushover in football.”

What was said about Ladan Bosso and his team

Speaking about fans felt about the positive result and qualification to the quarterfinal, he said; “If you ask many Nigerians yesterday and today, they will all tell you the same thing. And what’s that same thing? That the Flying Eagles have made them happy than the past eight years of the previous administration.”

In a related news, winger Ibrahim Muhammad is excited to have scored his first goal in a FIFA world cup tournament.

“I feel so happy as you can see this is my first goal at the World Cup, so I’m very happy,” he is quoted by Pulse Sports Nigeria.

“We were never nervous before the game, we had the confidence, and with the way football is there’s nothing like host country.”

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The Flying Eagles will now play the winner of the Ecuador and Korea tie for a place in the semi-final

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