NFF Should Be Disbanded After Super Eagles Players And Coaches Corruption Testimonies – Fans Ask House Of Representatives

NFF, talks about Jose Peseiro and Nigerians call for his sack.

Fans of the Super Eagles of Nigeria are calling for the immediate disbandment of the Nigeria Football Federation NFF citing corruption testimonies of ex players and coaches of the national team.

Few weeks ago, the NFF was in the news after Super Falcons coach Randy Waldrum, called it out for corruption. And also fraudulent activities, including an attempt to blackmail.

According to the American, the NFF is not judiciously supporting the women’s national team. Also, he accused the Federation of trying to impose a player which he has never seen before on him. And for rejecting the move, he was sanctioned by excluding his assistant Lauren Gregg from the World Cup staff list.

“I saw the response to my previous comments on the other podcast and it just seemed like a childish response,” Waldrum told the media.

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“In the two and half years that I’ve been here, I have never had one time that the Federation will came to me and asked ‘what do you need coach?’ What keeps me going is the players otherwise is would have walked away from this job a long time ago.

The NFF ex Super Eagles players, coaches and testimonies of corruption

He continued, “Up until about 3 weeks ago, I had been owed 14 months salary. And then they paid 7 months salary. We still have players that haven’t been paid since 2 years ago when we played the summer series in USA. It’s travesty.”

“I’m not going to be quiet anymore… In October, every country was given $960,000 from FIFA to prepare for the world cup. Where is that money?”

He added, ” FIFA allows your staff to have up to 22 people. But we only have 11. And we don’t have scouts to watch the teams in our group or potential opponents.”

NFF, Ex Super Eagles, Coaches and testimonies of corruption
NFF Director of Communications, Ademola Olajire.

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And responding to the accusation, the NFF through its Director of communications Ademola Olajire, addressed Waldrum as ‘Incompetent loudmouth’. And further stressed that his main ambition is to lead a team to the women’s world cup and nothing else.

“Incompetent loudmouth. Found his voice now since he is about to achieve his only ambition of leading a team at the women’s world cup,” Ademola said.

“The team is presently having a 15-day training camp in Gold Coast ahead of the women’s world cup. Is it Mr. Blabbermouth Waldrum who has been paying?”

However, this is not the first time the NFF is being accused of corrupt practices. Because few years ago, ex Super Eagles player, Chinedu Obasi, accused the Federation of demanding money from him so he can make the team to the 2014 FIFA world cup.

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And few days ago, ex Flying Eagles forward, Victor Anichebe, accused the Federation of corruption. He insisted the NFF, did not pay their 2008 Olympics Bonus almost two decades ago.

The NFF and players of Beijing Olympics

“2008 Beijing Olympics we had no leisure kit. One training kit we had to wash. Bonus went missing to this day. 2008 failing are still happening today. I weep for my country and the selfish wickedness people experience,” he said.

These and more, are the reason why fans are asking the House of representatives to disband the current NFF.

“The NFF should be disbanded. Because it’s nothing but a house describable as corruption. And of course, it’s a bad image for the country and prospective players,” Uche said Wednesday evening.

“It’s not only by summoning the NFF, the House should go ahead an overhaul the set-up. Before corruption will start calling people by their names,” Ade retorted.

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