Paris 24: “You Will Suffer Endlessly” Super Falcons Star Who Missed Out On Squad Blows Hot

Super Falcons line up for a match at the 2023 FIFA women's world cup.

Super Falcons head coach Randy Waldrum, today released his 18-man squad for the 2024 Olympics; reports.

Before the list was made public, it was widely speculated that captain Onome Ebi and winger Francesca Ordega through the help of some top Officials in the Nigeria Football Federation NFF, were lobbying for a spot in the team.

Ebi who has been with the Super Falcons for over two decades was hurt by the insinuation she’s lobbying for a spot.

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According to the 41-year-old defender who currently ply her trade in Israel, she was never part of the Olympics as was revealed to her by coach Randy.

Ebi in action with Super Falcons

She alleged that some bloggers have been paid to tarnish her reputation; stressing that those involved will not escape justice.

Super Falcons denies lobbying for spot in Olympics squad

“To the person that paid you bloggers to tarnish my image, God will visit you personally; and all the bloggers that posted the stories without confirmation mostly (blogger ifeoluwa he/she),” she wrote on her Instagram handle.

“I was never involved in the Olympics program from the start, I never had any reason to call anyone or think I would be with the team because of the limited amount of Players (18 players) going. And the coach, (Randy) also made me understand that he wants to focus on younger players for the Olympics which i respected his decision as the coach before the qualifiers.”

She continued; “I would have loved to end it all with the honour of helping the team qualify and going for the Olympics which was my goal, but that wasn’t in my power alone to make happen and i would never beg to achieve that. The bloggers writing all the false stories about me for whatever reasons, my God will visit you all. I have served the country for more than #20 Good Years and will always represent my country when called upon and fit to play until i retire.

“I was never in the Olympics squad from the beginning of the qualifiers, these bloggers I believe were paid to tarnish my reputation and all I’ve done for the country for reasons I’m still wondering, surprised and asking why. I will only say this.”

Onome Ebi

“You all should continue your assignment because you’re winning now, but until my God visit you all, you will for sure find me to beg and apologise. You all will suffer endlessly for using my name and l misleading the people by posting false news about me. You all will never be settled until you apologise for trying to l tarnish my image and reputation.

“My God will visit every one of you in all areas of your life until you come out and tell the world your plans and reasons for all your false posts about me. I can’t reach or see anyone you, but I have my God that sees every hidden pain . You all will be visited,” she concluded.

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In a similar story, Francesca Ordega according to report by the PUNCH Nigeria, denies lobbying for a spot in the Super Falcons Olympics squad.

Francesca Ordega

“I even asked if he (Waldrum) really did not want me on his team. He should just say it, so I can focus on my club career. It is very embarrassing to hear I am being imposed on a coach after all the sacrifices and hard work to make the country proud,” Ordega was quoted by PUNCH Nigeria.

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