Your World Cup Money Has Been Ring-Fenced, FIFA Assures Super Falcons

Football governing body FIFA has assured Nigeria’s Super Falcons of the security of their world cup money reports.

According to FIFA the players money has been ring-fenced and cannot be spent by the Nigeria Football Federation NFF. And this statement, cannot be far from the recent disappointing PR between Coach Waldrum and the NFF’s Director of Communications Ademola Olajire.

During the exchange of words, Coach Waldrum called out the federation over lack of support, corruption and fraudulent activities. Even, he accused the NFF of forcing a player he’s not seen before on him for the world cup. Also, he called out the federation for mismanaging the money sent by FIFA for the ladies’ preparation for the world cup.

And in what appeared like a response from the NFF, Randy Waldrum was described as a ‘Loudmouth’ and the worst coach to ever handle the Super Falcons.

To ensure smooth payment of the Super Falcons by the NFF, FIFA compromised on its policy as regards to payment of bonuses. And they did this by ring-fencing the player’s money. And this meant that the federation will have no right of spending even a Lobo out of the money.

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FIFA Ring-fence Super Falcons World Cup prize money

“I know that things have been tough… We have to face the realities of Nigeria. It pains me a lot. It’s because of you(Super Falcons) that for the first time, the prize money has been ring-fenced in the history of FIFA. And this to ensure, it goes to you,” FIFA’s secretary told Falcons in their locker room.


Nigerians are however appreciating FIFA for the move. According to some fans, at least their will be no issue of paying some players whole others will be owed.

“If we can’t do it, others will do it for us,” Kehinde Noah wrote in Facebook.

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“My only fear is that this might take a toll on other areas of our life, that has any connection with foreigners. That will make us look childish to the rest of the world “

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