Ex Presidential Aide Drags Boniface To NFF Over “Aboki” Comment

Boniface scores a stunner against Qarabag on Thursday UEL clash.

Super Eagles forward Victor Boniface has been dragged to disciplinary committee department of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) npflupdates.com reports.

Boniface before the UEFA Europa League clash against Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Azerbaijani club Qarabag on Thursday, was presented with a UEFA Europa League Golden boot plaque. The 22-year-old took the delivery for finishing as UEFA Europa League highest goalscorer last season(alongside Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford).

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Victor Boniface should replicate his club form for Super Eagles.
Victor Boniface pose with his Rookie And Player of the month award

And in his usual way of posting memes on his social media handle, the former Bodø and Glimt forward posted a video (now deleted), and left a comment saying “Aboki go thing say na iron”.

The term ‘Aboki” according to a former presidential aide Ahmad Bashir is derogatory and capable of causing disunity among Nigerians.

What Bashir said about Victor Boniface

“I write to the Nigeria Football Federation
@theNFF to express my deep concern and disappointment regarding recent comments made by Boniface a prominent player of our national team, the Super Eagles,” the former aide wrote on his X handle.

“His comment has the potential to promote disunity, which is contrary to the ideals that our nation holds dear. Nigeria, as a diverse and culturally rich country, has always celebrated unity in diversity.

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“Our national sports teams, including the Super Eagles, have been a source of pride and unity for all Nigerians. These teams serve as a unifying force, transcending ethnic, religious, and regional differences. They bring us together and allow us to celebrate our shared love for the beautiful game.

Victor Boniface instrumental as Bayer 04 Leverkusen stays top in German Bundesliga.
Gift Orban Victor Osimhen, Jordan Torunarigha and Victor Boniface in training.

“However, it is disheartening to witness a player of the Super Eagles making statements that appear to sow division or discord. We, as lovers of Nigerian unity, believe that unity and cohesion are essential for the success of our national teams. Therefore, it is crucial that we condemn any actions or remarks that may undermine this unity.

“I kindly request that the Nigeria Football Federation takes this matter seriously and addresses it appropriately.”

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Victor Boniface scoring unbelievable goals for Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Victor Boniface against FC Heidenheim

He added, “I look forward to seeing positive steps taken to address it.”

Whether or not the NFF will make case out of the call remains unknown. However, Boniface is expected to make the Super Eagles squad for next month’s world cup qualifier fixtures against Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

One thought on “Ex Presidential Aide Drags Boniface To NFF Over “Aboki” Comment

  1. You just started noticing that there is need for “national unity” through football, kwo?

    Were you asleep when your Mahdi who’d employed you, and his lackey, Mr. Muslim-Muslim of Kaduna State, spent just 8 years to completely dismantle the Nigerian alter of peace you now claim to be endangered by Boniface of the Super Eagles?

    You core northern muslims are simply mischief makers. Who told you that it is possible to make everyone a Muslim in a country such as Nigeria? Suddenly, you are now concerned about a breach of peace in the society by Boniface, but are oblivious of the amount of conflict the irate and unrestrained language of the likes of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi and Nasir el Rufai have been speaking about Christians and the people of the south. Hypocrisy…

    By the way, I thought that the word “aboki” stands for “friend” in Hausa (not Fulani o) language? Since when has the use of the word “friend” become derogatory?

    Read this: Nigeria would have become one of the best countries in the world today. Unfortunately and no thanks to the Fulani Agenda For Nigeria, it has remained one of the poorest instead.
    I just pity the once vibrant, very progressive and peaceful Hausa people, who allowed the Fulani lead them by the nose to form a majority that helps them destroy the peace, unity and good progress of the country. You guys should eat the mess you have created and be filled…

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