How And When To Watch The Super Falcons At The FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament In Australia For Free

Super Falcons progress to the next round of WAFCON qualifier, NFF makes announcement

The FIFA womenʾs world cup is an international football keenly contested by qualified senior womenʾs national football terms, as such as Super Falcons.

And the senior womensʾ national football teams must be member of the federation international de football association, FIFA. Being the sportʾs international governing body.

It may interest you to know that the tournament hold’s every four years since 1991, when the inaugural edition was held.

Also it is important you know that the inaugural edition was referred to as the fifa womenʾs world championship. Then it was held in china.

Looking at a brief breakdown of the previous champions of the womenʾs fifa world cup; it will be discovered that the united states womenʾs national teams are the record of the eight fournaments. And they are also the current champions afters wining the 2019 edition.

Other winners are Germany (2titles) and, Japan and Norway with one title each.


How to watch the Super Falcons at the upcoming FIFA women's World Cup in Australia
Super Falcons training in Turkey

The Super Falcons of Nigeria have participated in virtually all the edition of the FIFA women’s world cup. But in this article of ‘How, And When’ to watch the team at the world cup, we won’t be taking much about their past outings. But, we will touch a bit of their last appearance in 2019.

At the 2019 edition, Nigeria was placed in the same group a as France, Norway and South Korea. And being instrumental, they lost 2 of their group fixtures; but progressed to the knockout stages as ‘Best Losers’ after wining the fixture against south korea.

Sadly they we eliminated by Germany in the round of 16. However, this year, they have another opportunity of becoming the first African country to win FIFA world cup.


To watch the Super Falcons live as they take on opponent teams in their group, a fan must be able to do at least one of the following:

Travel To Australia The Host Nation:

Some fans has traveled to Australia to watch the national team play. This is a very good move as you can get to watch the games line in an atmosphere of joy with various fans also in the stadium

Traveling fans can also enjoy some incentives like:

  1. Meeting the football stars befor or after matches
  2. Can feet have autographs from players.
  3. Also can set to enjoy rich culture of the Australia people

Follow for Updates:

NPFLUpdates Sports Media outlet

Fans who can not get to travel to Australia because of some logistics reasons do not have to worry. Because at NPFLUpdates, live and frequent updates of happening around the Super Falcons will be reported. So fans are advised to follow NPFLUPdates across all social made platforms in which thy operate.

Watch On Television, Other Electrical Streaming Devices:

Fans also expected sets and other viewing denied. If they can’t make it to Australia and new –zealand. Live steaming platforms will be made available on various streaming gadget so fans can join and enjoy themselves.


Super Falcons share the same group with Canada, Australia and Republic of Ireland, so, to watch their matches against these good football nation fans should take note of the date and time for the fixture.

Nigeria Vs Canada
Date: Friday, 21 july 2023
Venue: AAML Stadium
Time: 3:30pm

Australia Vs Nigeria
Date: Thursday, 27 july, 2023
Venue: Suncoro stadium
Time: 11:00am

Republic of Ireland Vs Nigeria
Date: Monday, 31 July, 2023
Venue: Suncorp stadium
Time: 11:00am

Nigerians and other African fans countries are wishing the super falcons the very best of luck in Australia. And hope they accomplish their main aim of going to Australia. And hope they accomplish their main aim of going to Australia for the world cup.

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