Napoli Social Media Chief Resigns Days After Osimhen TikTok Video

SSC Napoli media Chief Alessio Fortino, has resigned from his position at the club few days after TikTok video (now deleted) trolled Victor Osimhen reports.

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Last week official handle of Napoli on TikTok published a video(now deleted) trolling Victor Osimhen for his penalty miss away at Bologna few weeks ago.

Osimhen in the second-half of a Serie A fixture against Bologna, missed a goal-scoring opportunity from the spot. And when he was substituted later in the game by coach Rudi Garcia, was caught on Camera expressing dissatisfaction as he made his way to the substitute’s bench.

Alessio Fortino we understand, wasn’t responsible for the creating and publishing the TikTok video. And his resignation is not even related to the Victor Osimhen/Napoli row; as he had already made up his mind to resign sometime ago.

Victor Osimhen take pictures with Napoli fans away at Leece.
Victor Osimhen

Napoli Social Media Chief resigns from his position

Mr. Fortino announced his resignation saying: “Today, after 805 days, my professional adventure with SSC Napoli comes to an end. For many, this job would be a dream, for me, it was a daily reality. A reality built on commitment and fueled by the continuous desire to learn.

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“I cannot help but express my profound gratitude to all my colleagues, collaborators, partners and the fans I met during this long journey for making this experience so special. I leave the company with a wealth of extraordinary memories and the enthusiasm for the new adventures that await me. Thanks again for everything and see you soon! Alessio.”

In a related story, Victor Osimhen last weekend released an official statement since the TikTok incident. According to the Nigerian, the people of Napoli have shown him so much love and kindness.

“Coming to the City of Naples in 2020 was a wonderful decision for me. The People of Napoli have shown me so much love and kindness, and I will not allow anyone to come between us.

“The passion of the People of Naples fuels my fire to always play with my heart and soul, and the love for the badge is unwavering as I wear it with pride.”

Further, the Super Eagles forward, rebuffed the rumours that he’s against the people of Naples, citing he’s got a lot of friends who have become part of his family in the city.

Also, he appreciated Nigerians who stood firmly on his side, lending their voices and support to him during those times.

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“The accusations against People of Naples are untrue. I have a lot of friends that are Napolitans and have become part of my family and everyday life. I appreciate Nigerians and everyone for leading their voices to support and reach out to me.

“I’m forever grateful. Let’s support unity, respect and understanding. FORZA NAPOLI SEMPRE.”

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