NFF Rubbishes Super Falcons Unpaid Bonuses Claim, Insists All Have Been Paid

Super Falcons line up for a match at the 2023 FIFA women's world cup.

The Nigeria Football Federation NFF, rubbishes a recent outcry from the Super Falcons of Nigeria citing unpaid bonuses and slave-like treatment reports.

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The Super Falcons in a recent report by accused the Nigeria Football Federation NFF, of poor treatment and failure to pay outstanding bonuses.

Recall before the World Cup, an agreement was reached between the NFF and players stipulating the ladies would receive a $100 (£81) daily camp allowance, a $3,000 win bonus, and $1,500 draw bonus.

However, FIFA later announced that every participating player at the World Cup would receive a minimum of $30,000 (with amounts increasing after the group stage).

So after the FIFA announcement, players alleged that NFF officials verbally reneged on their written contract with the team. It claimed the bonuses previously agreed upon were now included in the FIFA money.

Speaking anonymously to international media The Athletic, due to the NFF’s history of blacklisting players who speak out on issues of pay, a member of the Nigerian World Cup squad described her frustration as:

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“We disagreed, we told them ‘no’. You can’t come and tell us you’re not paying us our match bonuses… How can you tell me FIFA included your match bonus (in its money)? They take us as if we are fools, as if we don’t know anything, as if we don’t know our rights.”

Also, the participating players report receiving as little as 50,000 naira ($64) for a two or three-week during their training camp in Nigeria. More sadly, the players alleged of non-payment of their bonuses after competing in international tournaments.

Super Falcons progress to the next round of WAFCON qualifier, NFF makes announcement
Super Falcons training in Turkey

“The federation will just decide on what they are going to pay players… it could be anything,” another Super Falcon cried.

“If you don’t fight them, if you don’t ask for it, they are never going to pay you.”

NFF deny owing Super Falcons match allowances

On the contrary, NFF Director of Communications Ademola Olajire, in a recent discussion with The PUNCH, rubbished the claims. According to the football executive, all match bonuses, and camp allowances due to paid have been disbursed to the players.

He however, concluded that FIFA has not sent the prize money, hence they haven’t paid to the players the $60,000.

“Their daily allowances for the World Cup have been paid. All they’ve been owed previously have been paid, bar one qualifying match.

“They will get their World Cup player allocation money when FIFA sends the monies,” Olajire told The PUNCH

Meaning, a member of the squad, who didn’t make the World Cup squad, but was part of the Falcons side at last year’s friendly tournament in the US, revealed to The PUNCHthat she was yet to receive the $1,000 due her.

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“NFF has not paid me my money. How can they say they’ve paid us all the monies we are owed when I haven’t gotten mine? If they’ve paid others, then they should pay my $1,000 too,” she said.

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