Osimhen : Napoli Threatens Legal Action Against A Company Over Image Rights Violation

Reigning Italian Serie A champions SSC Napoli has threatened a legal action against a company for violating image rights of its forward Victor Osimhen npflupdates.com reports.

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An image of a doll named “Bomber” with striking resemblance of Victor surfaces online yesterday, and has since gone viral.

And because the production of the doll wasn’t authorized by either Napoli as a club nor Osimhen as a player, the Partenopei have decided on a legal action.

According to a statement by Napoli, the doll “Cicciobello Bomber”, reproduces features of Victor in a clearly identifiable uniform to the playing uniform of Napoli’s first team.

Napoli defends Osimhen, threatens legal action against a doll company

“With reference to the news, which appeared in numerous online information sites, relating to the upcoming marketing of a children’s game called “Cicciobello Bomber” – doll that reproduces the features of the player Victor Osimhen, portrayed wearing a clearly identifiable uniform to the playing shirt of the Club’s first team the SSCN specifies that this is an unofficial product, the whose realization was not in any way authorized by the Club,” club’s official statement read as reported by Tutto Napoli in Italian language and translated using a language translator app.

Victor Osimhen ends goal-drought against Udinese Calcio.
Victor Osimhen

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“The Company has therefore taken action to protect its own interests in the appropriate places.”

In a related story, Napoli President Aurelio Di Laurentiis, have warned the Nigerian forward against leaving Napoli. According to the football executive, the 26-year-old may never find his lane again of he leaves.

Di Laurentiis as per Tutto Napoli, when asked about Osimhen’s contract renewal prospects, stated,

“There is no problem, there is never a problem: everyone in Napoli is always happy; the problem is when they leave, they can no longer find the main road.”

However, the Italian businessman confessed the high qualities of Osimhen as a player,

“Always strong, he’s a player who makes a team on his own. That’s not up for debate.”

In another story, Osimhen’s agent Roberto Calenda, threatened a legal action as a way of protecting the reputation of his player, following a now deleted TikTok video to a Napoli official TikTok handle.

“What happened today on Napoli’s official profile on TikTok platform is not acceptable. A video mocking Victor was first made public and then, but now belatedly, deleted,” he said.

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“We reserve the right to take legal action and any useful initiative to protect Victor.”

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