Popular Super Eagles Player Will Fail If He Moves To Saudi Arabia – Prophetess

A popular Nigerian prophetess releases a prophecy claiming that a popular Super Eagles player will fail if he moves to an Arabian League.

According to the spiritual leader, a move to an Arabian League will reduce the value of the Super Eagles player.

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Speaking to NPFLUpdates correspondent on Wednesday evening, she revealed that Nigeria is blessed with lots of talent. But making a move to Arab League at this time, is not a good idea for Nigerians currently in Europe.

“And here again, I’m speaking the words of those who I work for; and I know their words is wisdom,” she said.

“I know many people will describe me as being out of my senses and stupid. But I’m not deterred by their comments, neither by the actions. I’ve released prophecies in the past, and all have come to fulfillment. So for those who’d disbelieve me, they do so at their own peril.

Super Eagles players warned against a move to Arabian league

“Now, go and speak to the Super Eagles players who are yet to, -but are planning to switch to an Arabian league. And tell them to be cautious of any offer from Asia. And I tell you, the gods have spoken but not in a word that an ordinary man can understand.”

According to her, the part of speaking the message is complete, it’s now over to the receiver to deal with.

“An ear that will hear the words of wisdom, cannot be as big as a basket. Him who has ear should hear.”

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Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia Pro League is currently a safe haven for top football stars. And has seen many of footballers migrate from Europe and other parts of the world.

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