FIFA U-20 : Main Reason Why Flying Eagles Failed Against Brazil – Analyst

The Flying Eagles of Nigeria has suffered its first defeat at the ongoing FIFA U-20 World Cup tournament in Argentina.

The Ladan Bosso tutored team failed to maintain their perfect run as they were beaten by the five-time world champions.

Two quick goals by Jean Pedroso and Marquinhos ensured the former AFCON champions didn’t finish as group leaders.

It was a disappointing evening for the supporters of the team. Because, they believed the team will maintain a clean record in the group stages.

And now, NPFLUpdates in-house analyst Mr Best; has given his thoughts on why the team failed.

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And according to his analysis Nigeria paid too much respect and played with over confidence. Because, the way the team attacked the Brazilians wasn’t supposed to be.

Flying Eagles midfielder Daniel Daga, says the team feels bad after FIFA U-20 loss
Daniel Daga

Talking Points About Flying Eagles Vs Brazil At FIFA U-20

“Honestly, I must appreciate Ladan Bosso for the kind of team he’s organized. Because, that team is made of future stars. However, the players in the team, were all average. And also, they’re not as exposed as their Brazilian counterpart,” he said Saturday evening.

“I knew it even before the game that Nigeria will not defeat Brazil U-20 . And I also know, it will only take a miracle for Nigeria to beat Brazil. Because judging by the array of stars in the South American team, it’s predictable.”

The seasoned analyst also pointed out the effect of the bad turf at the La Plata Stadium. But he is of the opinion that Nigeria should’ve done better, because bad pitches can also be found in Nigeria.

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“Any Nigerian complaining about the poor state of the turf at the La Plata is looking for excuse. We have worse stadia in Nigeria; and we play and win matches their too. So, bringing in, the poor state of the arena is not an excuse,” he retorted.

Nigeria, may qualify for the next round of the tournament as best Losers. And surprisingly, they’re the Group D leaders before the Brazilian fixture.

2 thoughts on “FIFA U-20 : Main Reason Why Flying Eagles Failed Against Brazil – Analyst

  1. I think the coach kept his best legs for the next round I wish them best of luck, Result will speak so Coach adjust your bench man to man will work for you if Argentina is your next opponent , they are sleaky so becareful in your hox

  2. I really do t know where their guy gets his experience from. Nigeria could have easily gone ahead when they hit the post . What says the boys were over confident – what says the pitch played a part when both teams played on it. They made 2 errors at the back . I personally don’t rate the goal keeper and the second goal sums it all up- may qualify for the next round – they have qualified for the next round as one of the highest 3rd placed teams – Stop over analysing . The boys had chances but finishing was poor . Brazil took their 2 chances . Are there not more players abroad – get the best legs . A Nigerian is a Nigerian no matter where he plays. Until that point is accepted the results are always going to be the same – no matter who coaches – an coaches need to know the tactical part of the game. But test the boys show promise let’s see how many break through though.

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